Director's Message

When a Vision Meets Reality …… New Opportunities Are created. It gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction to announce the opening of a new chapter “Tabani’s Collegiate of Commerce” under the patronage of Tabani’s School of Accountancy, a leading name in quality professional education. The vision behind this endeavor is to make a difference by providing quality education at the graduate level, in the commerce field. The difference we seek to establish is in the lives of those students who wish to do their I. Com / B. Com but want to do it in a professional and comprehensive way – the way which defines the learning experience at Tabani’s Institute.

You will find here the same commitment towards excellence in teaching, the same zeal and zest to guide the students in the best possible manner. For this, we have gathered a faculty of highly qualified and experienced college professors, Inspiring Chartered Accountants, and highly competent lecturers. This team of mentors are experts in their fields and under their able guidance, the students will be able to cover the entire syllabus, learn examination techniques and systematically take evaluations and exams on a regular basis. For all those students who value quality and are motivated to learn, this college will become their stepping stone to a successful future career. As here, we teach not only the syllabus but inculcate in our students a professional outlook on the subject and the area of study. For I believe that when a man has a vision and he is able to transform his vision into a reality, then that reality is not a mere coincidence, it is a definite strive towards excellence. In this endeavor, we await to welcome all those students who wish to join us in this journey towards excellence.