TSA Career Development Department (CDC)

Rewarding educational experience and path to a rewarding career Education is transformative in the lives of individuals and communities. Among other indices, School should be measured by the quality of their graduates regardless of social, economic or educational backgrounds at the point of enrolment, and by the life-long contributions of their graduates. TSA’s educational environment must encourage students to make the most of their natural abilities and to contribute to the world as influential graduates. Among other strategies we have established the TSA Career Development Centre (CDC) to help identify and foster undergraduate students with high abilities, including their potential as first rank financial professionals.We promote a culture of teaching excellence through student-centred, innovative and future-focused learning environments. We seek out and support staff with good ethical and other personal qualities, to be scholarly, evidence-based and collaborative in the improvement of their practice. We align teaching policies, practices and systems. The commitment of TSA staff to the success of our students will be recognized and rewarded internally and externally on the basis of empirically contestable outcomes. TSA will prepare work-ready graduates who are in strong demand by employers and will deepen and broaden connections with alumni and employers. We will provide an internationalized curriculum, with best practice pedagogy, systems, processes and campus facilities, drawing on proven international examples that contribute to the development of cross-cultural understanding and career flexibility. We will continue to attract students, and promote a vibrant, interactive campus experience that builds connections between students with other students and with staff, and with the community.
As a research-intensive school our career development program will be enhanced by research-informed teaching and by a high-quality, student-focused learning experience. Transformational education builds students’ self-confidence, employability, and capacity to apply their skills and knowledge to a range of contexts.