For O & A Levels

“The Will to Lead”
Sub Tagline “Believe in the power that is you“

Tabani’s Academy of Cambridge - TAC is creating life-changing opportunities for the young men and women across Cambridge international O & A – Levels with the best faculty to support resourceful and experienced teaching at TAC. The syllabus is set by Cambridge, and rigorously taught by seasoned faculty having vast experience in the subject matter and equally capable of sharing their knowledge with students.

Be remarkable is the core element of our teaching methodology to address complex and challenging targets to equip students with the knowledge, skills and competence needed in today’s classrooms and beyond. As part of being effective with an attempt to persuade students to believe what we're offering, and ensuring them we can meet their needs with the value we bring to the classrooms through standards related to:

processes at; classroom level; school level; school environment. Through such efforts of our remarkable faculty & staff have greater capacity to transform the lives of students in our state, nation and beyond by providing an exceptional experience and education.

O & A-Levels Faculty

More than any other factor, the quality of a Cambridge school is determined by the quality of its faculty. At TAC, a remarkable group of educators make for a remarkable institution. They will give you the support you need to succeed. And together you’ll leave prepared for whatever comes next.