[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The CIMA qualifications are open to everyone. Your entry level will depend upon your previous experience. The syllabus builds step by step and you will develop your knowledge and skills as you progress through the qualifications.

CIMA qualifications are similar in standard to undergraduate and postgraduate studies. You will need a good standard of maths and be competent in the English language before you start.

Relevant educational backgrounds

If you’ve already studied a relevant qualification – such as a degree or a professional qualification in accounting or business subjects – you may not need to sit all of CIMA exams. In these cases you may be awarded exemptions from selected CIMA papers.

To become a CIMA student you need to complete CIMA’s online registration process and send certified copies of your highest level educational certificates and transcripts to CIMA- details of the subjects you have studied and the marks you achieved. To certify the copies of your certificates and transcripts you will need to get a responsible person – such as your manager or a lecturer – to sign them as true copies of the originals. All certified certificates and transcripts must be in English. Please do not send original documents as CIMA cannot guarantee that these will be returned to you.

Before sending your certified copies of your certificates and transcripts, please make sure that you have read CIMA’s guidelines (New window; PDF 494KB) for sending to CIMA your educational documents.

Once CIMA received certified copies of your certificates and transcripts they will contact you with details of any exemptions awarded. You will also be able to view these on line when you log into MY CIMA [New window]

CIMA strongly recommend that you wait until you have received written confirmation of your exemptions before you sign up for a CIMA study course. If you do sign up for a course before receiving this confirmation – and you then learn that you are exempt from this subject – CIMA will not accept liability for any course fees. If you are expecting exemptions and it has been over 20 days since you sent your certified certificates and transcripts, please email or call CIMA Contact.

You can cancel your student membership within three months and CIMA will refund your subscription fee, CIMA will however retain the registration fee.

Non-relevant educational backgrounds

If you do not have any relevant qualifications you can still study for the CIMA qualifications. A significant percentage of CIMA students have not studied relevant qualifications. Many employers welcome students from a wide range of academic backgrounds and following a structured professional programme will ensure that you develop the skills required to succeed.

The entry requirement for the CIMA Professional Qualification is the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting. Completing the CIMA Certificate will allow you to progress to the Professional Qualification and further develop your career. The Certificate is assessed by Computer Based Assessment (CBA) and allows you to progress at your own rate.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]